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Waste Management Innovators

UMG, founded in 1996, emerged amidst the evolving landscape of waste management and recycling. Roger Brown, leveraging his experience in manufacturing, recognized the growing complexity, minimizing waste production and enhancing recycling efforts. His vision was to illuminate this complexity and unearth significant savings opportunities. Through close collaboration with waste management firms and suppliers, UMG embarked on a mission to streamline processes and implement effective solutions.

Spanning across the United States and Canada, UMG serves a diverse clientele. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, UMG uncovers both short and long-term solutions to address clients’ sustainability goals and operational needs. This approach ensures that every implemented strategy not only minimizes waste but also maximizes efficiency, delivering tangible and lasting benefits to all stakeholders.

Our Waste Management
Success Stories

From reducing landfill waste and implementing recycling programs to achieving cost savings and zero-waste-to-landfill status, our solutions can reduce costs 8% - 60%.

Burger King

A.R. Wilfley and Sons

Boise Cascade

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Focused Solutions tailored Waste Management for Key Industries





Apartment Complexes

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How We Operate

Tailored Solutions for Efficiency UMG Consulting

UMG Consulting crafts customized energy and utility solutions by understanding client needs. Through thorough assessments and close collaboration, we implement and monitor effective strategies for sustained efficiency and value.

Understanding Client Needs

We start by understanding our clients' energy challenges. By assessing their needs and constraints, we create tailored solutions.

Analyzing Opportunities

After understanding our clients' needs, we spot cost-saving and efficiency. We analyze opportunities in waste generation, and recycling processes to pinpoint areas ripe for optimization.

Collaborative Solutions

We collaborate with clients, waste management, and suppliers to create innovative strategies aligned with client goals and operations through open communication and collaboration.

Implementing & Monitoring

Execution is vital for results. We oversee solution implementation, coordinate stakeholders, and establish monitoring for continuing improvement, delivering continuing value to clients.

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